BlueEyed Digital

BlueEyed Digital are a social media consultancy, providing advice to business schools.

Social media can enable your school to;

  • Attract more, higher- quality students.
  • Engage and inspire your alumni.
  • Work more closely with students throughout their entire academic careers.
  • Create unique opportunities to work with industry.
  • Lower overall cost and ROI of PR/marketing activities.
  • Spot emerging trends and opportunities through listening to the students themselves.
  • Build more meaningful relationships between the university, the faculty and the student body.
  • Enhance your brand’s reputation as a leading school in a much more direct, personable and public forum.
  • Gain more ‘WOM’ recommendations within people’s own ‘social circles’.
  • Produce a higher calibre, more employable graduate.

 For more information, please visit the BlueEyed Digital website at: