• Is your website really working for you? 

  • How does your site stack up against your competitors?

What is GenerationWeb?

GenerationWeb helps business schools build better websites, delivering a compressive health check for your school’s website and illustrating best practice online.

It’s affordable, robust and informed.

And it delivers the data to help you drive change, to better engage prospective students, staff, alumni and employers. To provide you with independent insights to get internal support to build your website.


Best of all

It’s resource-light. Meaning, we do most of the work so you can focus on the day-to-day responsibilities.

Ask yourself

What impression is your website experience delivering to prospective students?

Changing your website takes time, resources and money.

Having actionable research at hand, makes the process quicker, smarter and more effective.

Discover if your website is hitting the mark or if you’re missing out.


Why GenerationWeb?


Up to date, based on a long-standing study with over 150 business schools, the study reports the views of your potential students.


At just $1800, it’s great value for any business school


Focused data for your business school, independent insight on best practice


To get on board and take part in the GenerationWeb study or just get more information, email us at mark@carringtoncrisp.com or call on 267-772-0801.