What alumni want?

CarringtonCrisp will publish a new report in September 2012 looking at what alumni want.  Too often alumni have been an undervalued and underutilised resource at business schools.  Some schools have seen alumni as little more than a cash cow.  Yet alumni can have a key role in so many...Read More
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The sixth GenerationWeb report for business schools has just been published and suggests that while sites are getting better, few are maximising the potential of this key medium.  Two-thirds of students typically say the web is their most important source of information when deciding what and w...Read More
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CarringtonCrisp's latest report, The Business of Branding, suggests that social media, while growing in importance, still trails far behind students, alumni, faculty and professional staff, when prospective students are deciding what and where to study. Andrew Crisp, one of the authors of the study...Read More
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