Discovering new markets for undergraduate degrees

NOVA School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) had identified barriers to the expansion of international undergraduate recruitment. CarringtonCrisp conducted market research and shaped a marketing plan to support NOVA SBE into this next phase of recruitment.

NOVA SBE's undergraduate curriculum demands high levels of mathematical proficiency from prospective students, and the brand is little recognised outside Europe among teenagers and their parents.

CarringtonCrisp analysed global data on mathematical proficiency, interviewed Nova SBE senior leaders, reviewed undergraduate degrees, studied competitors and surveyed prospective students in key markets to advise the School on how best and where to position itself in this increasingly competitive landscape.

We produced a SWOT analysis for the School’s undergraduate offer, identified regions to market to and key factors for prospective students’ decision-making in these regions. Armed with market research insights, a fully fleshed deck of key messages and recommended marketing activity, Nova SBE is now equipped to shape dedicated recruitment campaigns for these markets.

Working with Carrington Crisp was rewarding and simple. The workflow and discussions felt natural and the outcomes really meaningful for Nova SBE to achieve one of our main goals: increase international recruitment for undergraduate degrees.

- Filipa Luz, Student Recruitment and Admissions Director

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