We work as partners. Every brief is different, and so is every organisation.

At Carrington Crisp we work with universities and business schools to offer imaginative approaches to your ever-changing world, using data and creativity to drive analysis, insight and practical solutions.

“… the work carried out by CarringtonCrisp has created an energy within the school to look at the MBA with a fresh set of eyes. I have no doubt that this has achieved the objective we intended at the start of this process.”

- MBA Admissions Director - leading UK business school

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“You are inclined to think you know your school, but all you’re experiencing is your own internal perspective. It’s important to challenge those assumptions and have your views thrown in your face. CarringtonCrisp provided us with an objective view of where we are as a school.”

- Hilde van Lysebeth, Corporate Marketing Manager, Vlerick Business School

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