Relaunching the MBA at a leading UK business school

The business school found themselves in a market for the full-time MBA that is increasingly competitive. Consequently, market share had been falling and the position of their MBA in international rankings was in decline.

CarringtonCrisp was tasked with:

  • Confirming the school’s competitor group
  • Reviewing the current market offerings of the school’s competitor group
  • Evaluating all alternatives for the future design and delivery of the school’s MBA program
  • Considering the impact on rankings and School/University accreditations of a new MBA offer

We conducted extensive desk research, interviews with staff and employers, and focus groups with staff and current students in order to produce a set of four scenarios for the future of the school’s MBA offer.

Scenarios were then tested in an online survey with a panel of prospective international MBA students leading to a set of key criteria for the new MBA offer and recommendations regarding the development of the program.

This was then presented in full report form and at a meeting of the business school’s leadership group.

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“… the work carried out by CarringtonCrisp has created an energy within the school to look at the MBA with a fresh set of eyes. I have no doubt that this has achieved the objective we intended at the start of this process.”

- MBA Admissions Director - leading UK business school

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