Distinctive brand positioning for a new School at Aston University

In just two months in the middle of the pandemic, CarringtonCrisp created a positioning for the new School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

An intense programme of desk research focusing on competitor activity fed into wide-ranging interviews across the School and University. Supplemented with a series of workshops with senior staff in the new School and a survey of prospective students, the project concluded with insights that could be immediately fed into the 'clearing' admissions round as well as the longer-term marketing for the School and its departments.

Image from Aston University

"Aston University created a new School of Social Sciences and Humanities, bringing together a range of departments, and needed to build an identity for the new School that provided both an overall positioning as well as offering the individual departments an opportunity for their personalities to shine. CarringtonCrisp worked rapidly to deliver competitor and audience insights, working with staff across departments, synthesising data and interviews to create a new positioning for the School supported by a variety of stakeholders. The new positioning is now being used to inform marketing activity to reach prospective students."


- Aston University, School of Social Sciences and Humanities

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