People Power is the Key to Building a Great Reputation for A Business School

19 October 2021

Our Co-Founder Andrew Crisp chews the latest findings of our The Business of Branding report. 


What makes a business school a great business school and what could make it better? In this year’s Business of Branding survey, 2270 respondents from 105 countries were asked what they most associated with the school they were studying at and while costs, careers and reputation are prominent, it’s a rather more complicated picture that might be expected.

Offered 29 options split across a number of groups covering similar issues, two items stood out with high ranking, just ahead of good support from the university/business school during the enquiry and application process. Of course, reputation matters, but that reputation can be enhanced by the people that work with applicants. The first contact, the speed of response, the friendliness of the engagement, all of these matter, especially if the applicant is the first in a family to go to university or they are coming to study internationally.

And that supportive environment continues to be important as a student completes their studies. The Third, fourth and fifth most important aspects are excellent school/campus facilities, high level of support available to help students complete their studies successfully and a business school that is highly recognised in the student's home country. Cost of living, scholarships and course fees are slightly further back, along with a focus on ensuring graduates are ready for the future and a course with content that will enhance their employability.

A focus on student support is also highlighted when respondents to the study are asked about what would enhance their school’s reputation. While the number one topic is the opportunity to take an internship/work placement, second in the list is mental health support for students.
Despite student support clearly having a strong impact in the minds of current students, career was still very much in the minds of the same students when they were considering where to study. The top two considerations among students when first considering where to study are a school that promotes diverse career development paths for its students and a school that allows me to accelerate and transform my career prospects.


The Business of Branding report will be published shortly and will contain findings on course experience, brand perceptions, the impact of COVID on reputation, the role of rankings and where international students want to study and why.

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