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Financial Times | Business schools weigh risks and rewards of executive education

11 May 2020

Senior Consultant Ian Hawkings talks to the FT about the risks currently facing those business schools which are over reliant on executive education.

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Newsletter #1 | Can you see the future?

05 May 2020

A summary of our latest reports: See The Future (with EFMD), A New Era for Higher Education (with Linkedin), and the importance of video in higher education marketing.

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Coronavirus: Can Online Learning Rise To The Challenge?

14 April 2020

In Business Because, Andrew Crisp argues that while many students will want to return to face-to-face teaching, many Schools will look to do more blended and fully online delivery in the future.

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Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc On B-Schools Globally

28 February 2020

“The really interesting thing is the rapid improvement of the online provision,” says Andrew Crisp of business school consultancy CarringtonCrisp. “If students have a good experience, this could be a ...

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Teaching sustainability: how MBAs are combining mainstream with green-stream

24 February 2020

"Future students tend to see responsible leadership as a fundamental aspect that runs through business education teaching and research, not as a specialist add-on or elective,” says Andrew Crisp.

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MBA fees: innovative ways to reduce the rising cost

27 January 2020

In the Financial Times, CarringtonCrisp co-founder Andrew Crisp notes that the rising cost of MBAs has outstripped salary increases.

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Now is the time to rethink what the MBA should be

27 January 2020

With high costs of study and a fickle job market, a survey by CarringtonCrisp suggests only 38 per cent of prospective MBAs believe they will be able to repay their fees in full.

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Online MBAs versus EMBAs: why the two can work in harmony

18 November 2019

CarringtonCrisp's co-founder, Andrew Crisp, sees no reason why online MBAs would subsume their executive counterparts at the moment.

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Ranking der beliebtesten Länder für ein MBA-Studium

06 November 2019

Die Studie "Business of Branding" des Beratungsunternehmens Carringtoncrisp untersucht, wie sich die Wahrnehmung eines Landes auf die Entscheidungsfindung von Wirtschaftsstudenten auswirkt, dort zu st...

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FT Masters in Management Ranking 2019: analysis

27 October 2019

Rising demand from students for MiMs and contemporary subjects from data analysis to ethics mean schools must adapt.

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