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Online, career support, creativity and ethical leadership are all part of the recipe to get more women studying MBAs

05 April 2022

Andrew Crisp delves into the data from CarringtonCrisp’s most recent study of prospective MBAs, Tomorrow’s MBAFor years, business schools have struggled to get a better gender balance on their MBA...

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Together is Better When You Want To Build The Future

04 April 2022

With conference season upon us, Ian Hawkings looks ahead at AACSB ICAM 2022.

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The baked bean diet for Master’s students

01 April 2022

Andrew Crisp highlights some key findings on the cost of study emerging in the latest Tomorrow’s Masters report.

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FT rankings, the future and a Teutonic solution?

05 March 2022

Ian Hawkings reflects on what we can learn from the unsung merits of German business schools.

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Sustainability: moving from the sidelines and into the mainstream

05 March 2022

Claudia Monteiro looks at what sustainability means for business schools.

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Small can be both beautiful and powerful when building a business school brand

05 March 2022

Andrew Crisp asks what can you do in a space 65mm x 150 mm?

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I’ll have a degree with my fries!

28 January 2022

Ian Hawkings reflects on the growing number of fast-food companies subsidising employees' higher education - another trend in the ever-changing business education landscape.

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The future of lifelong and executive education

26 January 2022

Writing for EFMD's Global Focus magazine, Andrew Crisp digests the latest trends in lifelong and executive education.

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Robots and responsibility in the core of the MBA

25 January 2022

Global challenges or the challenges of technology, Andrew Crisp looks at what’s driving prospective MBA students in the latest Tomorrow’s MBA study.

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Learning to engage for better alumni relationships 

21 January 2022

Claudia Monteiro looks at some key findings from the new Alumni Matters report which suggests more learning could be key to better engagement.

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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to lifelong learning across the EMEA region 

03 December 2021

Our Senior Consultant Claudia Monteiro digests how employers and learners in the EMEA region - particularly in the UK and in Germany - are looking at lifelong learning.

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