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Tweeting in a crisis - timing, trends and topics

12 June 2020

A new study by Maastricht University School of Business and Economics reviewed over 75,000 tweets from EQUIS business schools to discover how schools have been communicating in recent months.

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Tales from the Lockdown #12: Stephen Bach, King's Business School

08 June 2020

Stress and resilience webinars for entrepreneurs, digital internships and a deeper emphasis on meaningful work have all become part of King's response to this crisis. 

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Our Latest Report | Be brave – a new era for higher education

02 June 2020

In this CarringtonCrisp & Linkedin report we explore the intensifying appetite for lifelong learning, and how it's re-writing the rules of business education.

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Tales from the Lockdown #11: Saul Klein, Gustavson School of Business

01 June 2020

A global forum on trust and truth, keeping up the international student experience and nurturing the School's culture during lockdown all feature in our conversation with Saul Klein.

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Tales from the Lockdown #10: a conversation with Daniel Traça, Nova SBE

29 May 2020

I really want to thank our female colleagues; they’ve done so much to support our students during this disruption, on top of taking on the lion’s share of childcare and schooling from home. 

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Tales from the Lockdown #9: a conversation with Kate Kearins, Auckland University of Technology

25 May 2020

Everyone agrees exams are poor tools of assessment, so Auckland University of Technology did the unthinkable by getting rid of them.  

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Tales from the Lockdown #8: a conversation with Yusra Mouzughi, Muscat University

22 May 2020

Online education is giving a voice to students in Oman, a country where respect for elders can get in the way of asking questions to lecturers.

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Tales from the Lockdown #7: a conversation with Antonio Batista, Fundação Dom Cabral

18 May 2020

Community comes first: with unemployment soaring, Fundação Dom Cabral committed to help one million popular small businesses – from street sellers to favela café owners - to survive and thrive. 

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Tales from the Lockdown #6: a conversation with Rob Angell, University of Southampton Business School

15 May 2020

Massive disruption has given way to creativity in universities, with management buying into new ideas in ways they hadn't done before. Can universities hold on to this practice of innovation? 

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Tomorrow's Masters Report: when is a business school more than a business school?

15 May 2020

Founder Andrew Crisp digests our latest market report on the future of masters programmes, with stackable degrees getting top votes from students.

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Are you dreaming of a liquid business school?

13 May 2020

In the latest See the Future blogs, our founder Andrew Crisp takes stock of how faculty and professional staff imagine their dream business school. 

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