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Tales from the Lockdown #4: a conversation with Sarah Lethbridge, Cardiff Business School

08 May 2020

With no office to go to, Sarah Lethbridge is broadening her contacts with colleagues in other departments and gaining an horizon view of what goes on at her business school.

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I wander lonely as a cloud security architect: Why Wordsworth might point towards the future of business education

06 May 2020

Our latest See the Future report finds employers looking for graduates with better social, emotional and cognitive abilities. 

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Tales from the Lockdown #3: a conversation with Dil Sidhu, Coursera

04 May 2020

Will disruptive providers like Google and Amazon become the norm for generation Z? Will state-of-the-art online education replace the ‘luxury campus’ when it comes to fundraising efforts? 

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Tales from the Lockdown #2: a conversation with Molly Ihlbrock, ESMT Berlin

01 May 2020

Solidarity became the motto at ESMT Berlin with a new community radio, students turning their attention to COVID projects and staff helping departments that got overwhelmed with work.

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Students and employers want learning that heads in more than one direction

29 April 2020

In the third of our See the Future blogs, Claudia Monteiro, Senior Consultant at CarringtonCrisp, examines what students want in their degrees and what employers want from students.

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Tales from the Lockdown #1: a conversation with Kai Peters, Coventry University

27 April 2020

‘It’s like we’re running a family – albeit a rather large one!’ In this series of conversations our guests talk to Senior Consultant Claudia Monteiro about what they're learning during the pandemic. 

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Stack the odds in favour of students

24 April 2020

Business schools have often done well in past recessions, but will have to innovate to be certain of the same outcome this time, writes Andrew Crisp.

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A new world of work means a new world for business schools

22 April 2020

In the second of our See the Future blogs, Ian Hawkings, Senior Consultant at CarringtonCrisp, tackles trends in the world of work.

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Time to think about business unusual

15 April 2020

A few years ago, CarringtonCrisp did some work for ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens and at the time they gave me a luggage tag, which has been on my rucksack ever since, with the words ‘Busines...

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What future for the MBA?

27 February 2020

Stories still persist about the decline of the MBA, but the demand for postgraduate and lifelong learning will only grow in coming years as people have to reskill and upskill to build their careers.

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What's next for the business school website?

19 December 2019

In just 12 years, business school websites have transitioned from poorly thought through marketing tools which often neglected what core audiences wanted to integral digital marketing tools, but the j...

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