Alumni Matters

Alumni are often underutilised and undervalued.  Schools miss out on opportunities not just to build fundraising, but to better engage corporates, to support their recruitment of new students and to attract alumni to return for further study, to create potential providers of internships and guest speakers and much more.

Alumni Matters looks at what alumni want and what they can offer to schools. It considers how best to communicate with alumni, perceptions of business schools, their satisfaction with the experience, how to improve relationships with this community, what might encourage an alumnus to support a financial appeal.

In the latest report, discover how alumni from the COVID era are more engaged than their older counterparts and the part that online engagement has played in delivering this outcome.

To take part in the next round of Alumni Matters, which will go live in August 2024, and get insights specifically for your business school as well as the global report, get in touch with us at

Target Audiences: Alumni.

Timeline: survey goes live in August 2024.

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