The Business of Branding

Expressing compelling messages about your school and doing so to audiences globally from a prospective 16 year-old undergraduate to a 60 year-old chief executive is enormously challenging. 

The study provides data, insight and analysis to help schools improve their branding and marketing activity, understanding what differentiates them from competitors, perceptions of international study destinations and how best to meet student, staff and corporate demands.

The latest study, published in association with EFMD in the autumn of 2022, finds the UK outpacing the USA as a favoured destination for international students, while China, with its continuing lockdowns, has slipped as a favoured location for business education. Research is highlighted as a key component to attract students, while students want to develop both their analytical and creative skills.

To take part in the next round of The Business of Branding, which will go live in April 2025, and get insights specifically for your business school as well as the global report, get in touch with us at

Target Audiences: current students, faculty and professional staff.

Timeline: survey goes live in April 2025

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