The Future of Lifelong and Executive Education

In 2021, CarringtonCrisp, working with LinkedIn, released their first report on 'The future of lifelong and executive education'.  The report was released into a world dominated by the COVID pandemic and everything was about the potential of online learning.

Three years on, the second report in this on-going study has been released.  'The future of lifelong and executive education 2024' is based on two large surveys conducted in the final quarter of 2023, drawing on the views of almost 10,000 individual learners and 1,100 employers across over 30 countries.

The new report, available to download here, again finds technology to the fore in lifelong and executive education.  While online is still key to future learning, the report suggests this is the dawn of the age of AI.  Employers and individuals expect AI to play a major role in future learning, but question marks remain about its creativity.

Perhaps more significant for universities, business schools and other providers is a sense in the data that learning is becoming more of a journey than a destination.  No longer will formal learning largely come to a halt after a degree is completed in your early 20s.  Instead, learning will be part of life, interspersed with work, alongside work and as part of work, taking the individual on a career development journey.

For providers of learning, embracing these new opportunities and creating an environment for people to keep learning in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond will be key to building sustainable and successful futures.

Download a copy of 'The future of lifelong and executive education 2024' on this page.  To find out more about the findings, do get in touch with us at CarringtonCrisp and watch our video on some of the key insights on YouTube.

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