Tomorrow's MBA

Many schools are rethinking what an MBA means, challenged to make content relevant to tomorrow’s careers, challenged by declining international student numbers or challenged by technology to deliver differently. 

In 2009 CarringtonCrisp launched Tomorrow’s MBA, a study of prospective MBA students seeking to find out whether attitudes to the qualification are changing, what they want from an MBA, what content is a priority for their studies as well as decision-making, motivation, fees, rankings, careers and much more.

The study has run annually since the 2009 financial crisis; in that time it has gathered views from more than 10,000 prospective students in over 90 countries.

In the latest study, published in association with EFMD in April 2024, the report highlighted the continued rise in importance of AI as a key topic for MBA students, the rise of the mini-MBA and the importance of employer perspectives in driving student interest.  A small rise in interest in international study is also featured along with growing demands for personalisation from MBA students, especially in the career support services they expect as part of their MBA.


To take part in the next round of Tomorrow’s MBA, which will go live in November 2024, and get insights specifically for your business school as well as the global report, get in touch with us at



Target Audiences: Prospective MBA students

Timeline: Survey goes live in October 2023

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