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Over the last 10 years, CarringtonCrisp has run a study of the Executive Education marketplace on three occasions, focusing on the views of corporate buyers and individual learners.  In 2021, CarringtonCrisp will again be looking at Executive Education, but this time going further with a study titled, The Future of Lifelong and Executive Education.

The recently published ‘Future of Jobs Report’ from the World Economic Forum suggested that 40% of core skills in the average job will change in the next five years. Add in a prediction from McKinsey that between 2015 and 2030, 300 million to 365 million jobs could be created with as many as 375 million workers needing to switch occupations and consequently, learn new skills, and the scale of opportunity for business schools becomes clear. 

The Future of Lifelong and Executive Education study will examine issues such as:

  • How different generations approach learning;
  • New business models in lifelong learning;
  • The competitive landscape;
  • The role of business schools in the learning ecosystem;
  • Innovation in delivery and best practice;
  • Changes in demand for topics of study, different types of qualifications, forms of delivery and skillsets; and
  • Views on cost, quality and career impact.

We’ll be identifying market trends, interviewing employers, business schools and new providers and carrying out surveys with employers and individual learners.Research begins in January 2021, so if you want to take part and help shape the study get in touch with us now on info@carringtoncrisp.com


The previous Executive Education Futures report, published in 2018 found that fewer than a third of organisations (28%) currently use business schools to deliver executive education. An in-house service (60%) is the most widely used followed by consulting firms (51%) and online providers (46%), yet the market for lifelong learning is growing, offering business schools the opportunity to grow their executive education income, albeit they will need to ensure a flexible and impactful offer to attract employers and individuals.

A summary of that report can be downloaded free of charge here


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