The Future of Lifelong and Executive Education

COVID changed everything for lifelong and executive education.  Online suddenly became the new way to learn, qualifications went micro and leadership moved remote.  Today, whether it’s demographics, technology, uncertainty or reskilling, change remains ever present.

Building on a report published by CarringtonCrisp and LinkedIn (download a copy for free on this page) in July 2021, we are running a new study this autumn to provide detailed insights on the future of lifelong and executive education.  We’re delighted that LinkedIn will again partner with us on this study, providing data insights from across their network.

We'll provide a free summary report as we did in 2021, but each school taking part in the new study will receive detailed insights specific to their school and particular audiences. 

Research and surveys will take place from late September 2023 over a two-month period. 

Initial reports for participating schools will be ready before the end of 2023 with full reports early in the new year. Participating schools will receive:

  • findings from global surveys of 10,000 learners & 1,000 employers
  • insights from survey respondents who would specifically consider your business school as a learning provider,
  • commentary from business schools and corporate buyers of learning and development on the future of the market, 
  • data sets detailing the findings from specific audience groups based on geography, age, sector, qualifications sought and more, as well as,
  • individual school presentations of the findings.

To see the future of lifelong and executive education globally and in your business school, do join the study.  If you would like to know more, we would be very happy to discuss the project further.  You can download further details here.

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