The Future of Lifelong and Executive Education

The Future of Lifelong and Executive Education, published jointly by CarringtonCrisp and LinkedIn, provides insights into the rapidly evolving learning marketplace.  A market that McKinsey suggested in 2017 could see as many as 375 million workers needing to switch occupations and consequently, need to learn new skills.

For business schools and universities, this rapidly growing marketplace of adult learners offers both opportunities and challenges.  Some of the territory will be familiar, MBAs and Masters will be part of the answer, but also microcredentials, digital badges and stackable solutions, delivered in ways that just a decade ago higher education might never have imagined.

Building on a previous study, Executive Education Futures, CarringtonCrisp surveyed just over 2500 individual learners and 500 companies worldwide to discover their views on the future of learning. 

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